The SKY is

      (not) the limit

We went to distill pleasure and curiosity for two

It’s called Sky Sauna Club and it’s one of the few mixed saunas in Lisbon with exclusive areas for couples.
Leave the clothes outside, “wrap up” in towels and immerse yourself in orgasms.

By Carla Novo

This is a trip to heaven. Together. A paradise of lust and sex. Sky Sauna Club, the new space in Lisbon with exclusive areas for couples. A mandatory program for those who like to keep their relationship “full steam”. Let’s go?

It’s almost eleven PM, it’s less than 10 degrees outside and the GPS says we’ve reached our destination: Rua de Marvila, 50, Lisboa. The luminous signboard denounces what we are about to find: a sky open to fantasy. The expectation is high.

We are received like two newly arrived stars, entitled to a brief guided tour of the 350 square meters of one of the few mixed saunas in the capital. Before that, we are taken to the dressing room for couples only. We are given a bracelet to put on our wrist that contains the key to the common lockers – where we change our clothes for towels and shoes for disposable slippers – the device that allows access to exclusive areas for couples and several condoms. The door we closed reads “The Sky Is The Limit”. Will it be? Our only boundary this evening is not to mention that we are on a “secret mission” and to leave any less comfortable scenario for one of us with a subtle “handshake”. Welcome to the Paradise…

Jacuzzi, the cauldron of temptation

As we walk through the dark and labyrinthine corridors, I notice that we are being watched by the residents – we are a kind of refreshment in an environment that is already too hot. It’s impossible to remain indifferent in an atmosphere where steam distils sex.

The Jacuzzi is the central place, where any ice or inhibition evaporates.

There are at least eight couples and several singles, mostly male, in the common areas. The strategy is to assume the role of voyeurs. We realize that the space is, too dark, but sophisticated, it works like the corridors at IKEA – because we are in a square, whose Jacuzzi is in the central area, and the circuit of pleasure is traversed in one direction, to the rhythm of desire. The advantage of the mixed sauna is that we don’t need to go to the small smoking area to get to know each other. This approach, we quickly realized, is done in the jacuzzi, where we dive alongside a couple and two men. In this bubbling cauldron there is no room for ice and inhibitions evaporate. “Give me your hands, my partner whispers to me. Okay, “mathematically” there are too many hands on our bodies, but I’m into “letters” and I decide to relax to the taste of other people’s caresses. One of the singles comes out and the wife of the other couple strategically stands next to my partner. Why do math if the grammar of silence is easy to understand? He tilts his head back, I know she’s masturbating him, as he returns me the gesture. I notice that there is a sign next to this “well of temptations” with the warning that you cannot have sex there. At one point, my partner shakes my hand. “Okay, we had to get out of there.” We exchanged a promising see you soon and left.

Cinema room or dark room?

Showers, a hallway with “voyeurs” and a sauna. Two minutes were enough to leave the place. Too passive, plus it makes me dizzy. I tell my partner I’m going to the movie theater. It’s part of (our) game, he knows I like to misguide him. And nothing better than labyrinthine corridors that invite sex for an aphrodisiac game of hide and seek! I hide in the dark room. I notice that he enters the cinema, located opposite. Groans come from the glory hole of this dark-filled compartment. I don’t see anything, but I feel someone touching my chest. I return the touch without being able to see. I feel it’s a woman, on my right side a man leads my hand to his penis. These characters were not part of my movie. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my partner would found me. I notice that the curtain opens. It’s him. In “rescue” mode, he takes me from there to a room, in the exclusive area for couples. What do we do with the door? We have two choices: lock it or open it. Neither one or other. We leave it ajar…

Charging batteries in the Turkish Bath

A huge bed awaits us. The room is empty. We spread the towels. I close my eyes. I allow myself to be driven by my partner’s excitement, who now demands the reward for having forced him to go looking for me!
When I open my eyes, I notice that we have company.
One of the couples with whom we had spoken in the smoking area had sex casually next to us and one of them tells us: “feel free, we don’t switch”. They are regular Sky customers and say they usually go on Fridays, because it’s quieter than Saturdays. In addition to the adrenaline that the environment gives them, they confess that they like to be observed. The same is not true for one of the male singles we spoke to in the cinema later. According to him, he is always ready for an exciting threesome! We advance in the couples’ area and in one of the rooms there is the couple from the jacuzzi with the “see you soon” guy. He invites us in, waving his hand. We wave back, but decline the invitation. We just want to relax in the Turkish bath, whose ceiling is lined with small lights that resemble a starry sky with chromotherapy effects.

Spacious and inviting, we enter. There, no one talks to anyone. The place is as introspective as the sauna or the movie theater. We stayed there looking at the stars and recharging our batteries. After all, the night – for us – would not end there, because the sky is not the limit for us.